Mayhurst Inn
12460 Mayhurst Lane
Orange, Virginia, 22960, United States
(540) 672-5597 | (888) 672-5597

Road Runner (Business Traveler) Special

The Mayhurst Road Warrior Special is made for you. Both Pat and I worked in the "Great Corporate World" and remember the trials and tribulations of business travel. We have the perfect solution.

Tired of the same Hotel Room? Can't plug in all your gadgets? Tired of balancing your computer on your lap? Don't want to pay for high speed Internet? Can't get an early breakfast? Stay at Mayhurst Inn and enjoy Plantation Style Southern Hospitality with all extras and features you need and deserve. Be treated like a guest, not just a customer. Single Occupancy only Sunday - Thursday.

Includes luxurious Guest Room, early and late check-ins and check-outs, Wine, Cheese and Snacks each evening, full breakfast each morning at time of your choice, high Speed WiFi, Power Strip with Surge Protector, Desk or Table to work on, Printer, copier and fax available plus the peace and quiet, pampering and personalized service you can only get at Mayhurst.

Cost: $99.95 + Tax per night - Sunday-Thursday. Single Occupancy