Mayhurst Inn - Orange, Virginia, 22960, United States


We like kids are even better than we like pets. The Willis Family had 8 Children (probably why there are 22 rooms in the Manor House) and we are sure they al had a lot of fun growing up at Mayhurst. With 12 inch thick walls and 14 inch floors most people never realize that there are children here at all. Well behaved, supervised children are always welcome. There is no charge for Children 6 or under. We have A Pac'N'Play and crib available (for our grandkids).

Mayhurst Inn
12460 Mayhurst Lane
Orange, Virginia, 22960, United States
Call: (540) 672-5597 | (888) 672-5597


Mayhurst Inn - Much More Than A Perfect Getaway

We invite you to relax and enjoy the luxury, ambiance and romance of the past when life was slower and more gracious. This marvelously restored plantation home of 1859 is the perfect place to stay in Central Virginia.